After 43 years of working in insurance and risk management for a large Louisville insurance agency and three national insurance brokers, Cliff started Cliff Elgin Consulting, LLC.  The goal of Cliff’s work is to help companies reduce their overall cost of risk while protecting their assets and business reputation. Cliff has expertise in manufacturing and distributing including high hazard products and companies with a troubled claims history. He has been providing creative solutions for hundreds of businesses since 1975.


Conduct a thorough policy analysis and in-depth risk management review to answer these three questions:


Cliff’s creative approach improved our insurance protection while significantly reducing our overall cost of risk.

Ray Lyle, SVP, Forth Technologies

After seeing what Cliff and Wells Fargo Insurance Services had to offer, Septodont made a change in 1999 from a larger national broker to Cliff and his team. Cliff has responded quickly when we have had questions and he has been active in making sure that we are receiving the best insurance at competitive rates.  Cliff was very instrumental in helping make this change a reality and we discovered the even greater depths of his range through exposure to his Canadian and European associates. I have no hesitation in recommending Cliff to anyone.

Tony Montemurro, VP Business Operations for North America, Septodont

Several years ago, we suffered a sizable employee dishonesty loss that had the potential to put us out of business which, naturally, had me very worried. When I call Cliff, he informed me that, even though I had forgotten it, we had the proper insurance in place to protect my company.  Cliff’s consistent updating of our risk management program is an important part of our success.

Dale Gibbons, President, Continuous Improvement Center

You did the best job of explaining insurance of any agent I have worked with.

Janice Purcell, President, Purcell Staffing

Cliff Elgin and his team are two-time winners of the Service Net Circle of Champions Award recognizing their continuing contribution to our company’s success.

James Mostofi, COO, Service Net

I have found that Cliff Elgin’s experience with manufacturers across the United States has had a positive impact on our business in this country. I am happy to recommend Cliff to any international company operating in the USA.

Soren Stig-Nielson, President, LINAK-US