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A policy analysis, risk management review, and conclusion report are the basic services provided to all clients. The purpose of these base services is to reduce your overall cost of risk. I look to make sure the correct coverages are in place, that there is protection against the catastrophic loss, and that all meaningful cost savings steps have been employed in that order.

  • STEP 1: Do an analysis of the current policies to identify possible coverage gaps, the adequacy of current coverages, and the use of the correct premium bases.

  • STEP 2: Conduct a Risk Management Review with you to discuss my findings in the policy analysis and to identify any coverage changes needed, non-insurance solutions, and any potential cost savings.

  • STEP 3: Present the report of my findings and suggestions for changes that improve your risk financing position.


Offered if a client wants to involve a third party in the actual bid solicitation process.

  • OPTION A: Preparation of a submission utilizing the industry standard Acord applications that a client can use to obtain proposals incorporating the agreed to changes in their insurance and risk management program.

  • OPTION B: Preparation of an RFP document if a client wants to use a broker selection process before obtaining the actual insurance proposal.

  • OPTION C: Analysis of insurance proposals or broker offerings received to assist the client in making the final decision.